EquipSoft cloud ERP

EquipSoft resides in the cloud. This allows equipment dealers to connect with the application running their business wherever they go. EquipSoft offers your business enhanced security, integrated data and mobility across any device.

Cloud deployment

Access EquipSoft from any device. Deployment in the cloud means you only need an internet connection, and provides you with additional data security, greater stability, a more streamlined implementation and faster technical support.

Private implementation

EquipSoft is an integrated software solution built specifically for equipment distributors. With existing protocols and industry requirements varying significantly from company to company, the EquipSoft implementation process is careful to preserve and optimize company procedures.

Any device, any time

EquipSoft can be accessed using any desktop or mobile browser at any time through a standard internet connection. Truly integrate your entire business and break down barriers between departments by empowering employees with accessible, mobile business software.

EquipSoft On-premises

Not ready for the cloud? Talk to sales about EquipSoft on-premises.

EquipSoft architecture

EquipSoft ERP software is made up of hundreds of features built to meet the specific needs of equipment dealers. We make it easy to port over your existing rental, sales, services, leasing, finance, warehouse and logistics processes into EquipSoft.

Equipment platform

EquipSoft was designed for companies in equipment rental, sales and service. This means that we deliver a single integrated software platform that reflects the way that equipment dealerships need to operate. We meet the needs of an industry where companies operating multiple lines of business in multiple locations need real-time insight into financial performance.

Equipment modules

Integrate your financial, operations and customer facing processes in one system. Manage parts, sales, services, rentals, logistics, inventory, fixed assets and every other part of your business from one place and one common set of data.

Equipment sectors

EquipSoft ERP software is built with functionality that is geared towards specific types of equipment dealerships. EquipSoft is best suited for companies providing equipment for Material Handling, Construction, Power Generation, Agriculture and Intermodal Shipping and Transport.

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