Software to manage equipment businesses.

EquipSoft software connects departments, data and processes into a single software package. EquipSoft gives you the insight, visibility and control needed to take your business to the next level.

End-to-end management of your entire business.

EquipSoft is enterprise management software for equipment dealerships. We help you manage the entire lifecycle of equipment from purchase to disposition. From the moment machinery and parts land on your dock, until products are delivered to your customer, EquipSoft is there, helping manage every aspect of your business. By moving all of your data and business processes from older legacy platforms into a single cloud ERP you can ensure data accuracy, and maintain visibility into the financial health and well being of all of your complex lines of business.

All the features you expect from financial software and more.

EquipSoft offers all of the sales, purchasing, operations, accounting and inventory management features found in Microsoft Dynamics. In addition, we have developed hundreds of features that address the need to support equipment services, parts, sales, rental availability, manufacturer data integration and operations. Investing in a platform developed for the equipment industry removes the need to customize generic ERP solutions. This dramatically reduces implementation costs and risks, and accelerates time to value.

Anywhere, anytime access to all your business data.

EquipSoft runs on the Microsoft Cloud platform and provides the accessibility, scalability, and reliability that you expect from your management software. Whether employees are in the front office, in the warehouse, or on the road, they are able to access and interact with the data that drives your business. Running EquipSoft in the cloud provides lower costs of management, faster adoption of new capabilities and allows you to focus on building your business, not on managing your technology.

Things you can do with EquipSoft.

EquipSoft manages all aspects of your complex equipment business from a single solution. This allows all departments to work within the same integrated software with access to the same data. EquipSoft promotes fluid workflow between departments, greater efficiency and more cost effective business practices.

Equipment Rental

Manage your equipment rentals including availability, contracts, quotes and rental cycle billing. Include any related parts sales, delivery and logistics and drill deep into both customer and equipment records.

Equipment Sales

Run the equipment sales side of your operations starting with customer orders, leasing programs, and link it to allied equipment, parts, inventory, logistics and CRM.

Equipment Services

Handle service orders, leverage in-shop and mobile field service scheduling and dispatch, training and certification and oversee your fleet management program.


Manage your OEM and aftermarket replacement parts business including purchase orders, replenishment, inventory and warehousing data.


Manage sales and marketing activities and drill down into customer accounts, rental and purchase histories and delivery schedules.


Run every aspect of your company's financials using enterprise class accounting software that can scale up to manage multiple locations, currencies and lines of business.

Reporting / Analytics

Measure business performance by product and line of business, and create accurate forecasts with real time and historical sales and costing data.

Equipment Lifecycle Management

Monitor the entire lifecycle of your equipment and related components from acquisition to disposal, including warranty information, maintenance and depreciation schedules.


Leverage historical and real-time data by product line, business line, vendor and location to inform your purchasing schedule and better manage forecasting.

Assembly / Manufacturing

Manage the assembly or production of equipment for sales or rental including jobs, scheduling, allied, bill of materials supply forecasting and demand management.

Warehouse / Inventory

Stay on top of the heart of your business with real-time, detailed inventory and warehouse data which ties into your sales, parts, service and rental revenue centers.


Manage all of your logistics related to equipment sales and rental, parts, shipping, and service work orders and dispatch.


Manage equipment maintenance intelligently to ensure optimal availability, reduce unplanned failures and optimize long term profiability.

Add-on Options

Extend your EquipSoft investment with graphical dispatch, field service automation, credit card processing, EDI, E-Shipping and self service portals.

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