All-new EquipSoft 2017

Updates that simplify the user experience.

A new cloud platform, improved usability and updated design make EquipSoft even easier to use.


Dynamic integration with Office 365

Access, update and share customer, account and supplier information from inside Office365 applications.


Embedded applications and e-services

Embed interactive reporting and analytics, and integrate applications like PayPal and QuickBooks.


The best equipment software in the world just got even better.

EquipSoft 2017 now makes it even easier for equipment rental, sales and services companies to modernize the way they do business. Built for the cloud, EquipSoft 2017 leverages Microsoft Azure to provide market leading security and availability, as well as access to the latest updates and features as they are released. EquipSoft’s new user interface, dynamic integration with Office365, embedded interactive reporting and analytics, and ability to integrate third party applications and services makes this our best release yet.

Updates that simplify the EquipSoft user experience.

Updated interface design, enhanced web client capabilities, interactive tooltips and smart notifications, workflow and event triggers and notifications, and pictures for equipment items.

  • Access EquipSoft from native tablet and mobile clients, or any browser-based device, with richer functionality for an improved user experience
  • Smart notifications provide guidance and suggestions that make using EquipSoft easier
  • Setup and define workflows, event triggers, notifications and actions
  • Many companies need to manage both high value and high volume inventory. EquipSoft now supports rentals for non-serialized equipment

Dynamic integration with Office 365

Users can access and update information without having to move between applications, reducing clicks and improving accuracy.

  • Access customer and account information from inside Microsoft Business Inbox (Outlook) without having to locate or open files
  • Update, change and refresh customer, vendor and account information from Microsoft Excel
  • Share Microsoft Word invoice, purchase orders, sales quotes templates with EquipSoft

Embed third-party applications and e-services

Embed interactive reporting and analytics directly into the EquipSoft role center. New extensions improve third-party application integration with PayPal, QuickBooks and more.

  • Create and filter embedded reports in real time
  • Set report permissions based on individual, role or department
  • Manage e-payments with PayPal
  • Migrate data from QuickBooks with extensions and plugins.

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