Why you need a mobile strategy

Executive Summary

Information needs to be delivered to your team where they need it most – at the point of service, and at the point of sale. Fortunately, information technology – including mobile applications – is getting easier for the average person to understand and use all the time.

This white paper addresses all the questions you might have that relate to developing a mobile strategy on how you can use field service software to enhance the bottom line of your business. Such issues as:

• The importance of choosing mobile solutions that fully integrate with your business software such as an ERP system, to get the most efficiency out of the field service software.
• How mobile technology results in improved customer satisfaction with faster delivery of equipment, full information delivered on site by your sales team to their customers and prospects. Real time access to customer and equipment history, etc.
• Back in your office, field service software integrated with your ERP system results in improved productivity (fewer errors, no more time wasted with faxing, duplicate data entry, etc.) and streamlined operations – such as on-site real time billing that will make the folks in your finance department very happy.
• Shortened cycle for lead-to-order and order-to-cash, and much more.

“For both CRM and SFA investments, mobility-related functionality and the ability to integrate with other applications, such as the company’s ERP application, are top considerations.”

Guy Blissett, wholesale distribution industry expert at IBM and Author of Facing the Forces of Change: Decisive Actions for an Uncertain Economy, 2010

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