How, Why and What? A Guide to Our Functionality

EquipSoft has made a commitment to address the challenges of the equipment distribution industry with an emphasized focus on rental functionality. We have worked for many years reseaching and developing our product for both on-premise and cloud. This how-to guide of how, why and what we have built to meet and exceed the requirements of equipment distributors and dealers like you, will walk through:

  • The key R&D principles guiding the development of EquipSoft
  • A detailed look into the specific functionalities we have focused on over the years needed for Equipment Distributors
  • A breakdown of what is included in our Rental, Services, Sales and Parts modules and our extended products

Take a look at our functionality guide for an upclose look at what EquipSoft can do for your company and the functionality that will improve your profitability.

Functionality Guide 700 x 450