Enterprises Larry, Inc. decides on EquipSoft to run their complex business

Enterprises Larry, Inc. is made up of five separate divisions: sales of compressor equipment and parts, servicing via technicians on the road, equipment repair at the company’s shop, equipment rentals and some equipment installation at customer sites.  

Though Enterprises Larry is small, it is complex, and they had trouble finding a software that was close to fitting their business needs before they saw a demo of EquipSoft. “We already have Microsoft products at our workplace – Windows, Office and such – so we know the technology,” says Martin Caron, Director of Finance. Enterprises Larry also appreciated that EquipSoft was available in French, since most of their workforce speaks French as their first language.

Enterprise Larry makes the most out of the following EquipSoft functionalities:

  • Contracts functionality: Gives Enterprises Larry the ability to download documents to Excel
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Integrates with EquipSoft and is used for Enterprise Larry’s sales force as well as the service, engineering and marketing departments.
  • Financial reporting: Enterprises Larry built KPI dashboards for all their different departments right within EquipSoft.