EquipSoft customer support wins Mullen Industrial Handling Corp.

Mullen Industrial Handling Corp. was using a proprietary business software when they began looking for a viable replacement. Limited user support and a dated interface meant that simple tasks, like running financial reports mid-month instead of at month-end, were either impossible or took too long to configure.

Mullen decided on EquipSoft initially because of the ongoing support, friendly implementation team and user-friendly interface. “Having Microsoft technology as a platform of EquipSoft was important to us since Microsoft is such a major player in the software market,” says Jerry Fay, Co-Owner of Mullen.

In addition to the straightforward usability, EquipSoft stood out to Mullen because of the ongoing support and knowledge of the implementation team. “The EquipSoft team was always available when we needed them. They always get back to us and have never left us hanging.”


“I would recommend EquipSoft to other equipment distributors. We like how the system is real-time, it creates better control, better efficiences. It’s especially wonderful for business owners.”

-Kathy Fay, CFO