Bowman Sales and Equipment increases revenue by 650%

The use of the EquipSoft business software system by Bowman Sales and Equipment has made it possible for the company to attain and maintain 650% growth in revenues, says CFO Stephen Walker. They could not have done so without the investment in the ERP system, which he describes as the “central nervous system of our business because it is a stable platform as well as scalable and web-based… with the capacity for us to eventually go to customer self-service and other functionalities down the road.” Doing business as Bowman Trailer Leasing, the company, founded in 1972, today has 31 branches across MA, CT, OH, PA, NJ, MD, KY, VA, TN, NC, SC, GA, and FL with 185 full-time employees.

Bowman Sales and Equipment selected EquipSoft over many other ERP vendors, including RMI software, for the following reasons (and more):

  • The long-term product roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics – the world’s fastest growing ERP – which is the powerful platform on which EquipSoft is built.
  • A robust Rentals Management functionality – service, parts, inventory, dispatch and more, with built-in controls and many features.
  • Warehouse Management – shipping and receiving functionality within Equipsoft.
  • Full visibility into all aspects of the business – by everyone from sales people to the CEO – with sophisticated reporting tools such as SQL Report Writer, JetReports, and Pivotier reports.
  • Leveraging technology from EquipSoft rather than adding a lot of staff and putting more bureaucracy in place. “Instead we are adding trailers – simple as uploading data in the software, and it’s done,” says Walker.

“There is no question we’ve seen ROI from our ES investment already – there is no way we could have achieved 650% growth in revenue [in two years] and maintained control without EquipSoft.”

– Stephen Walker, CFO

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