EquipSoft Helps Power Generation Distributors Maximize Profits with ERP

Whether you distribute gas, diesel or electric full-service power systems, or you rent on-site standby generators, portable generators and storm/emergency backup generators, we can help you be more profitable. Our software helps you know exactly what stock you have, and when you can lease it next, ensuring there is no downtime on any of the equipment you own.
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EquipSoft gives you the functionality to make your business more profitable. Our ERP functionality lets you:

  • Control your Inventory management more effectively, including the ability to upload vendor parts catalogs.
  • Maximize physical inventory capabilities that let you automate the running of journals that print off cycle count sheets for the warehouse.
  • Remove the obsolescence of multiple data entry. Our ERP automatically changes part statuses at a location depending on aging, movement or whatever you would like automated. You can set up different stocking levels of parts, by branch, location or service van.
  • Have full visibility into which service orders are still open (WIP), how much technicians’ time is left to be allocated per order, all to maximize billing time.
  • Utilize advanced field service capabilities. Access mobile work orders, capture employee performance data, and even generate service orders which show up in Dispatch board to schedule your technicians in the field.
  • Access Business Intelligence tools that show financials, costing and robust reporting.

EquipSoft is a proud member of Associated Equipment Distributors (AED).