EquipSoft helps Oil and Gas Equipment Distributors Drill Down to Metrics with our ERP on your Oilfield Equipment Rentals

Oil and Gas is the fastest growing equipment rental business today, and if you are a distributor of drilling equipment, or other types of equipment for oilfield, shale oil and/or fracking, you require software that’s lets you keep pace with the industry.
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Whether the focus of your business is through renting heaters, drills or heavy equipment, EquipSoft gives you the insight to strike profits quicker.

Software functionality to optimize the efficiency and profitability of your business processes includes:

  • Field service automation to facilitate the work, and the management of, your technicians in very remote locations where oil and gas equipment is used.
  • Tracking and managing equipment history including transfers between new, used and fleet which helps you keep the history of equipment forever within your ERP.
  • The rental management functionality lets you consolidate fleet management and provides easy set-up of contracts. You can access the immediate availability of equipment, easy handling of re-rents, exchanges and returns and short and long run leases.
  • Easily identify dead stock, and track inventory in real time by location. Optimize parts replenishment to increase warehouse efficiencies.
  • Business Intelligence tools that show financials, costing, and flexible reporting functionality specific to the Oil and Gas industry.

EquipSoft is a proud member of Associated Equipment Distributors (AED)